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Shop and Carry Pharmacy opened its doors to patients in North Philadelphia on June 2015. We have been actively involved in servicing the prescription and non-prescription pharmacy needs of thousands of patients since. We pride ourselves in the Service & Care our team provides to each and every client.

The primary focus of chain pharmacies is no longer about patient well-being. Unattainable goals imposed by them on their pharmacists and staff members have created an environment that focuses on the bottom line. They focus on increasing the number of scripts filled, maximizing immunizations, cutting hours, etc. Why tolerate poor service, long lines and hours of hold when you can work together with our pharmacists and leave with a smile, knowing that you are in their trusted hands?

Together, the Pharmacists at Shop and Carry account for over 30 years of retail pharmacy experience at multiple chain, independent and specialty pharmacies. We saw the system failing and opened Shop and Carry to establish new standards in pharmacy care; what patients truly deserve.

Our primary focus has been to fill the gaps in pharmacy care in our community. Through our partnership with various community based organizations, we successfully serve hundreds of patients who are underserved and underprivileged. Additionally, we pride ourselves in our Narcan program, Suboxone program and immunization clinics.